About Build a Bowtique

Since 2011, Build A Bowtique has been dedicated to supporting cheer and dance programs with high-quality custom cheerleading bows, practice wear, uniforms, and a variety of items for your pro shop. Founded by Alice Roland and Linda Martinez, our journey began at a local cheer competition where our unique bows quickly became a hit.

At Build A Bowtique, we understand the vital role accessories play in bringing out the best appearance in cheerleaders. The bow, in particular, stands out as the cherry on top, completing the look whether under the dazzling lights of an all-star competition or cheering from the sidelines. Known as a badge of honor in cheerleading circles, the bow signifies readiness and ambition—traits we strive to embody in every product we create.

Our innovative approach allows cheerleaders to customize bows on-the-spot at competitions. Clients select their preferred ribbons and share their vision, and within 30 minutes, we bring their idea to life. From rhinestone-embellished bows to our signature “Cheer Talk” collection, we cater to a vast range of aesthetics.

With backgrounds in computer programming and marketing, Roland and Martinez leverage their combined expertise to innovate continuously in the cheer accessories industry. Their journey from Tampa Bay Allstars to founding Florida Wildcat Allstars highlights their deep-rooted passion for cheerleading and gives them an edge in understanding the industry’s needs.

Our commitment to quality and customer service sets us apart. We developed a technique early on to ensure our bows remain stiff and durable, allowing many gyms to use them for multiple seasons. Over the years, we've introduced mass-produced rhinestone bows, setting a new standard in cheer accessory aesthetics.

Build A Bowtique is not just about business. We cherish memorable moments, like custom-making unique bows for graduating seniors, and value the emotional connections we build with our clients.

As the cheerleading industry evolves, so does the significance of the bow. We believe its future is as bright and dynamic as the sport itself. For those looking to connect with us, Build A Bowtique is accessible via our website, Facebook, Twitter, and we even offer international shipping. While our focus remains on cheerleading, we also create bows for other sports like softball and gymnastics.

At Build A Bowtique, we believe in understanding our customers, maintaining product excellence, and always prioritizing customer service. Join us in celebrating the spirit of cheerleading with our high-quality, custom-made accessories.

What We Offer at Build A Bowtique

At Build A Bowtique, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of high-quality, custom cheerleading accessories designed to enhance your team's appearance and performance. Here's a breakdown of what we offer:

Custom Cheerleading Bows

  • Rhinestone-Embellished Bows: Add sparkle and shine to your look.
  • Signature “Cheer Talk” Collection: Bows with unique phrases and designs.
  • On-the-Spot Customization: Create your custom bow at competitions within 30 minutes.

Practice Wear

  • Comfortable and Durable: High-quality materials designed for rigorous practice sessions.
  • Custom Designs: Tailor-made to match your team's colors and style.


  • Complete Customization: From fabric choices to design details, create the perfect uniform.
  • High-Quality Construction: Ensures durability and a professional appearance.

Pro Shop Items

  • Decals: Custom decals for water bottles, lockers, and more.
  • Blankets: Cozy and customized for team spirit.
  • Towels: High-quality, absorbent, and customizable.


  • Cheerleading Bags and Backpacks: Stylish and functional for carrying gear.
  • Cheerleading Gifts and Apparel: Perfect for gifts and team spirit.

Whether you're looking to outfit your team for the season or need custom items for your pro shop, Build A Bowtique has you covered with top-notch products and exceptional customer service.